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Why are your ads not catchy? [analysis of the LeadGen Studio’s TOP 20 ads in 6 months]

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Anastacia, Copywriter


Fail! The advertisement doesn’t work again. And you lost money twice.

– The advertising budget was wasted.
– There are no sales.

Immediately find the weaknesses in your ads and repack a powerful idea.

A powerful idea is a value that your potential client will pay for. The deeper you look into the needs of the target audience, the brighter you will be able to present the main idea.

Let’s investigate why ads work and figure out how to package your powerful idea properly.

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Show, how to realize a dream

1. Rita Dakota teaches how to become a celebrity

You sing in the shower, and you dream of a big stage.

You’re afraid of rejection, so you don’t go to castings.

You write songs, but no one has sung them yet.

The big idea: Creative people need recognition, but they are afraid of being rejected. Teach them how to overcome this.

2. Yuri Stakhov shows how to become a professional photographer

I can take pictures, but I don’t know how to sell my services.

Where to look for clients if I’m a beginner.

I’m afraid to name the price so as not to scare off the client.

The big idea: no one will buy from you until you start selling. How to bring value to the clients to make them buy at your price, and return again.

3. Maria Solodar teaches how to earn money on maternity leave

I’m sitting at home with my child and I’m getting stupid.

I don’t work and I’m always short on money.

I didn’t learn to change diapers all day.

A big idea: You can stay home, take care of your child and successfully realize yourself in your favorite work if you master a demanded online profession.


4. Elena Piatibrat reveals the secret of youth

I want to stay young as long as possible.

Is it possible to look 40 years old at 60?

How to live to be healthy and energetic as long as possible.

The big idea: Youth and health are the results of proper self-care. Make an effort now to reap the benefits in the future.

5. Yulia Borovik helps to achieve goals

I want a lot, but I get little.

I had many goals, but only a few were achieved.

I dream big, but I am content with small.

The big idea: It’s not enough just to set a goal, you have to know several techniques which help you to achieve goals easily and quickly.

6. Victoria Shurina teaches to create a dream life

Why does everything in my life not go my way?

Which of my thoughts created the life I have?

What and how can I change to create a happy reality?

The big idea: Your thoughts create your reality. Change thinking – change the reality. Do it right and fast.

7. Kirill Kaftanik teaches to create a business

Goods from China are everywhere. How can I make money on this?

I want to buy goods as cheaply as possible to sell them as expensive as possible and with a large profit.

I want to start a business, but I’m afraid it’s difficult and I need a lot of money to start.

The big idea: A business is a well-established system that everyone can repeat without large investments.

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8. The Applause Factory teaches to perform on stage

I often perform on stage, but uncomfortable questions confuse me.

I dream of performing on stage, but I’m scared to death.

I don’t know how to hold the audience’s attention while performing on stage.

Big idea: Performing on stage is easy and not scary even when the audience doesn’t let you say a word.

If you need a performance promotion, learn 7 techniques on how to promote a large-scale live event on Facebook and get a full house.

9. How to become a leader in a feminine way

I’m strong, but I can’t handle everything on my own.

I want to change something in my life, but it is already late.

A big idea: Find female energy and be happy all your life!

Show how to solve the problem

10. GoIT academy explains how to start in IT and earn a lot

Programming is for the elite.

I can’t program, it’s difficult.

It takes a long time to learn to make good money.

Big idea: I’m afraid of losing a job and not finding it anymore. IT specialists earn more than any other professional group, and they always have a job.

11. Oksana Samoylova helps to get back in shape after childbirth

I want a body like before childbirth.

I have no time to go to the gym – I have no time to do anything with the children.

After the first childbirth, it is still possible to get back in shape, but after the third one, it is almost impossible.

The big idea: Sitting at home and taking care of the kids you can look like a supermodel. You do not need to work hard in the gym and spend a lot of money on procedures and proper nutrition.

12. Isaac Pintosevich shows how to get rid of laziness

I’m lazy and I can’t do anything about it.

I run like a hamster in a wheel, but I don’t have time for anything.

The big idea: I want to do less, but get more done.

13. Yulia Novikova teaches women to love themselves

The daughter of mom’s friend is better.

I will never achieve what Maria did.

Am I worse than others?

The big idea: As long as you compare yourself to others, you don’t reveal your true value. How to increase self-esteem and become happy.


14. Artem Nesterenko teaches to build a multi-level-marketing

Where to find new partners when the list of acquaintances is over.

Everyone looks at me askance – I can’t invite strangers into the business.

The structure is crumbling. How to close a new qualification level.

The big idea: The biggest problem in a multi-level-marketing is to ensure a constant flow of new candidates. You can solve this problem through proper work with social media.

15. An expert accountant teaches to work without mistakes

Mistakes in accounting lead to fines. This is an accountant’s nightmare.

It is impossible to know everything because the law often changes.

Even many years of experience do not insure against mistakes in accounting.

Big idea: An accountant can’t submit a report until he/she double-checks everything. it takes a lot of time and effort. How to simplify work and spend less time by correcting mistakes in VAT accounting.

16. Aishe Borseitova gives simple techniques for learning English

I’ve been studying for years, but I don’t know anything.

I need to know a lot of words to speak.

It is impossible to find a good job without English.

The big idea: English is easy if you don’t cram, but memorize and use 10 techniques.

17. Pavel Gonza teaches to develop educational projects

How to stand out from competitors in the educational market?

Why is the educational project not growing?

How to launch the project quickly and get the profit?

The big idea: The educational market is growing fast, you need to use this tendency, and become a recognizable expert who sells a valuable product.

How to understand that an advertising campaign on Facebook will work, find out here

18. Alexander Gerchik shares his experience of successful trading

I like trading on the stock exchange, but often I have bad results.

I want to become a cool trader.

I don’t know how to think flexibly to make competent trading decisions.

The big idea: Successful trading is knowledge and experience. And you can get it all in one place from an experienced player who knows the market and has been working on Wall Street for 20+ years.

19. Ekaterina Stankevich teaches proper hair care

Hair falls out in fistfuls.

Neither shampoos nor vitamins help.

How to solve the problem with hair loss?

The big idea: Hair loss is a consequence. It is important to find the cause and effect. The biochemist will tell you where to look for this cause and how to deal with it.

20. The lawyer shows why the contract can become a problem

I’ll take a standard contract. Why do I need a lawyer?

I signed the contract, but what if something is wrong with it?

How to defend my interests in court if the contract does not work.

The big idea: Legally, the company’s issues are a complicated matter, but it’s easy to organize if you know, how.


First, find a big idea, then think how to use it to hook the audience.


Don’t come up with an idea yourself – let the audience show it to you. To do this, study forums, social media, reviews.


Understand what worries your potential customers: what problem they want to solve, what dream they want to realize.


Brainstorm with the team and outline 10-20 ideas that can be transformed into a catchy headline.




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