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How to understand that an advertising campaign on Facebook will work [3 points without which it will not work]

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Maxim Anenko, СЕО


The success of any advertising campaign depends on 2 things:

First: “The quality of the advertising agency work”
Second: “Which company orders the promotion service”

In this article, we will talk about parameter #2 – “which company orders the promotion service”.

It is generally believed that the success of the advertising campaign depends only on the advertising team.

In other words, if the product is already being sold somehow, it means that the agency is responsible for launching advertising.

That’s right, but not quite. I will only mention that those agencies that get down to launch are certainly responsible. They take responsibility, so they have to comply and be accountable.

But there is another side of the coin – the invisible one. This is the company’s readiness to launch advertising.

For different companies, the effectiveness of the same advertising campaign will be different.

And it’s not about positioning or product. The point is in the following 3 parameters and their compliance with the company ordering advertising:


Parameter #1: “Madness”

This parameter has such a name for a reason. The client must be ready to invest an unlimited amount of money in advertising – as much as it will take to achieve the goal. $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 – it doesn’t matter.

Willingness to take such a step is 40% of success. 


Parameter #2: “How old is the company”

Everything is simple here. If the company is over 5 years old from the moment of its foundation, then this is 50% of success. It is clear that this is not a strange business or a nominally created company, since the creation of which 5 years have passed. This refers to those companies that are engaged in their development.

On average, by the age of 5, an impression is formed about the company in the market. Therefore, the age of 5 years is 50% of success when launching ads.


Parameter #3: “Curiosity”

Or in other words – what does differ the company from its competitors? If a company does everything the same as the rest, it should not count on the attention of customers.

Unusually providing service or selling a product that differs from a competitor’s product is 10% of the success of an advertising campaign. 


So all 3 parameters are:

“Madness” — 40% of success
“From 5 years on the market” — 50% of success
“Curiosity” — 10% of success

They allow the company to be sure that the success of the launch is solely in the hands of the advertising agency.

In the end

The success of an advertising campaign depends not only on the advertising agency but also on the customer. 

It may turn out that the company is simply unsuitable for advertising (the advertising budget is limited, it has been on the market for less than 5 years, the services don’t differ from competitors’).


According to the 3 criteria described above, you can assess the prospects and risks when working with advertising agencies in order to adequately assess the situation. After all, history shows: after changing the 5th advertising agency and wasting the budget, directors begin to think that the cause of failures may be inside. And from that moment the real growth will begin. 


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