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7 techniques for promotion of a large-scale live event on Facebook and making a full house

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Ilya, Head of the traffic department


…a little more! And… the new height is scaled!

In March 2020, we beat our own record: we got 8,672 registrations for an offline event from 2 advertising cabinets. The cost of participation in the event was from $70 to $850.

What kind of event is it and how did we promote it, we cannot disclose – we signed a confidentiality agreement.

Let’s look at some examples of Facebook ads that helped to sell out tickets by the needed date.

1. Popular speaker

Cool experts were speakers at the forum. Each of them is very popular in his/her field. Consequently, their audiences were interested in the event where their favorite speaker spoke.

Therefore, the first group of ads was with an emphasis on the subject and the image of a particular speaker.

For example,

2. Answer the question: “Why?”

Concisely formulate the key benefit of the event and show it in the advertising headline. A potential event visitor should clearly understand what need he/she will address and what results he/she will achieve by implementing the information received.

3. Make it clear that time is limited

Deadline is a strong trigger that helps spur the audience to register more actively. By resorting to this technique, you include a sense of possible loss of something valuable. In this case, money due to indecision or slowness.

This helps those who have already decided, but have postponed the purchase so far, to complete the process as soon as possible.

4. All attention to the scale

The larger and more serious the event, the greater the desire to get to it. Of course, the main topic, the names of the speakers, and the issues that will be considered are important.

Therefore, it is important to attract attention by the scale of the event in advertising. To do this, make a picture in which you depict all the speakers together.

5. Video invitation from the speaker or speakers

This format of ad attracts attention better because it allows the speaker to personally address his audience and say what people want to hear.

Therefore, record such videos with speakers and actively use them in an advertising campaign.


6. Hold a prize draw or promotion

Within the period of the advertising campaign, there probably will be at least 1-2 holidays or other convenient occasions to further stir up the audience.

Why are the prize draws and promotions good? People are gambling and they like to get something for free, even if certain conditions must be met for this. For you, this is an opportunity to attract more interested people with minimal investment. Such activities usually get a good organic reach due to reposts.

7. Stories on Instagram

All the techniques described above, you can use in stories on Instagram. This is an additional placement that will allow you to hook the segment of the audience that likes this particular content format more.

In the end

An important point in a live offline event promotion: the bigger it is, the earlier you need to start an advertising campaign. Implement these advertising techniques to fill the hall as much as possible.


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