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Which font to choose for the advertising headline to increase conversion rate

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Anastacia, Copywriter


Does the ad conversion rate depend on the font on the image?

You will not know exactly without a test. Therefore, we used 6 popular fonts and 3 favorite fonts of our designer to check if there is a correlation between the shape and size of letters and clicks on banners.

Is it worth bothering to choose a font, or is there a “universal soldier” that gives great conversions?

Let’s take a look.

The essence of the test

To make an objective assessment of the test, we conducted it according to the following criteria:

1. Used fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Calibri, Impact, Trebuchet, Bebas, Montserrat, Gotham.

2. Made the same images for each of them.

3. Placed ads in all placements: Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Messengers, and Audience Network.

4. Checked how audiences from different fields react to the size and shape of letters: marketers, MLM entrepreneurs, women healers.

5. Prepared rating tables for each field, compared the results by price and amount of leads.

6. The winner was chosen.

Here are what the used fonts look like:

Test results

Audience 1. MLM entrepreneurs

1st place: Calibri – 127 leads at $0.93.

2nd place: Impact – 82 leads at $0.98.

3rd place: Bebas – 74 leads at $1.03.

Trebuchet was the first from the end in the list of fonts by the cost per result. Banners with this font brought a result at $1.6.

Audience 2. Marketers

1st place: Bebas – 72 leads for $ 1.08.

2nd place: Times New Roman – 63 leads at $1.06.

3rd place: Verdana ― 24 leads at $1.06.

The most expensive were the leads from banners where the font named Impact was used. The price turned out to be “sky-high” – $3.61.

Audience 3. Healers

1st place: Calibri – 534 leads for $0.42.

2nd place: Trebuchet – 215 leads at $0.41.

3rd place: Times New Roman – 195 leads at $ 0.46.

The most expensive font was Bebas which brought the result at $0.86.

Let’s make a summary table of the winners and find the font that attracts potential customers at the best price.

Conclusion: MLM entrepreneurs and female healers prefer Calibri font. But marketers like Bebas more.

No font won unconditionally in this competition by the cost per result.

So which font is worth choosing?

It is impossible to say unequivocally. Different audiences perceive fonts differently.

Even the fact that one font was liked by two audiences does not mean that it will work for the rest. Most likely, it depends on the mindset and perception of the target audience.

To understand which font best affects your audience, you need to conduct a similar test.

If you focus only on the font but neglect the quality of the text and image, then the creative will not work.

It is much more important to create a catchy image that will encourage the user to stop scrolling the feed and read your ad. 


There is no font that in 100% of cases attracts the maximum leads at the lowest price.


Choose a font that fits harmoniously to your image.


There is no one universal font that would work for all audiences.


Each audience has its worldview and vision. Therefore, different fonts work.


To understand which font will bring better results for a specific audience, run the test.


The font must meet modern trends, match the age and interests of the audience.



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