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How to create a landing page for a lead magnet with a conversion rate of 25%+ [3 important elements]

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Maxim Anenko, CEO


You have a critical need to get contacts of people you can sell your product to.

To convince them to give you their email or subscribe to your newsletter, offer them an attractive lead magnet. Often it is a piece of content in PDF, video, or mp3 format. It must be consumed within 5 minutes.

The lead magnet solves an ultra-specific problem. For example, how to sharpen a pencil with a knife. What is the specificity? There are many ways, but you show only one.

This is the task that your potential client faces at the very beginning, solving a more complex task. That is, by applying the recommendations from the lead magnet, he/she will take the first step towards simplifying his life and at the same time buying your product.

The high quality of the lead magnet is a guarantee that you will be followed further.

Do you need a cool landing page to offer a lead magnet? Yes, and it is important to give exactly the information that will convince a person to share his/her contacts with you.

We have developed a formula that helps to achieve a conversion of such a landing page of 25%+. Today we will share it with you.

Element 1 ― What and why?

The first block contains:

Name and visualization of the lead magnet

In the title, state the task and the result of its solution. This is a key benefit. A person should immediately see what result he/she will get after your lead magnet application.

Visualization instantly shows what you are offering: instructions, several templates, or steps.

To check the landing page content, use Google Translator. Translate your page into a completely unfamiliar language.

Next, estimate your website in this language. You don’t understand what is written. But can you guess, thanks to visualization, where the button is, where to click and what is promoted on the landing page? If yes, then the designer did a good job. If not – you need to refine the visual component.

Proof of your expertise

Shows it with the logos of the companies/people you cooperate with.


It expands the title in more detail


These are the main points that reveal the key benefits of a lead magnet. This is a detailed answer to the question “Why do I need this?”. Answer painful questions that a person can solve with the help of your lead magnet.

Call-to-action button

It should be a contrast to your landing page. If the landing page is light, make it dark, if it is dark, make a button light. The warm shades button gives a higher conversion rate. Our tests have shown this.

On the button place a call to action ― “Download for free”, “Get for free”.

Example of the first block of the landing page for Konstantin Dovlatov:

Element 2 – Story

Show through the story how you came to the solution that you propose in the lead magnet.

It should be immediately clear that a lot of time and work was invested in it. Give an understanding that using this material, a person will save nerves and time. Then he will want to get this material here and now.

Therefore, do not hesitate to describe the path that you have taken to create the system that you share. Tell honestly how many mistakes you have made and how much money/time your system will help others to save.

Here’s what it might look like:

Element 3 – About the author

Add extra value to your lead magnet by showing the author’s expertise.

Use numbers to list the achievements: how many years were devoted to learning, how many awards were received, how many books were collected, how many people were taught, and so on.

You can also add the opinions of people who participated in the creation of the lead magnet or tried it. It is better that they are different representatives of your audience: a man and a woman, a manager and a specialist. Then each person recognizes himself/herself in one of them.

Here’s what it looks like:

What is important to remember creating a landing page for a lead magnet

1. Further results will depend on which lead magnet you choose. It should be useful and solve the acute question for your target audience.

2. The first block provides basic information that removes the user’s objections. But shortly and meaningful without overload. Only the main points.

3. Write in a simple and understandable language.

4. Show the maximum value of the lead magnet in the first block.

5. Prove its practicality and usefulness in the second block.

6. Show that it suits the main segments of your audience in the third block.

In the end

Now you have a tool using which you can easily create a landing page for a lead magnet with a conversion rate of 25%+.


Check your lead magnet page to see if it has the listed elements. Not all of them? Then you have steps to strengthen the landing page and increase conversion.


Implement, measure changes in indicators, write to us about results.


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