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Automatic sales funnel: reality or a trap for amateurs in Internet marketing

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Maxim Anenko, СЕО


What marketing tool will allow you to lie on a chaise longue in Bali and at the same time consistently receive seven-figure sums? None. And here’s why.

There is no automation in the automatic funnel. But the seekers of such solutions will never end.

It is impossible to make the sales funnel work independently without intervention, adjustments, and a sales department.

Why is there no automation

Because in any case, the funnel must be serviced:

1. The dates on the landing page should be changed.

2. Autowebinars should be updated.

3. The contact database should be segmented in order to sell those who are more likely to buy and not to disturb those who are not ready yet.

4. People needed to be familiarized with the company, speaker, etc.

Without your intervention, the funnel will not work.

Was there a time when such automation worked? No, there has never been such a time. Even in the 2000s, when just the presence of a “buy” button caused a WOW effect, people turned on their heads and thought whether to buy or not. And those who clicked “buy” understood what was waiting for them and to whom they were paying money. I.e., some work had already been done before the sale. 

Yes, the very possibility of buying online and presentation of training as something special seemed like a curiosity. Therefore, it was easier to sell. But over time, the “WOW” effect passed, and the desire for “easy earnings” remained

Therefore, an automatic sales funnel is a kind of deception for those who really want it. But the “loot” button does not exist, unfortunately.

To make the client buy, it is necessary to carry out individual work with him/her.

Not enough sales from the webinar? What is the reason

Most webinars are a shot in the dark. Imagine that you invited people to a webinar: “How to create a sales department”, your audience are businessmen. 

So, each of them have his/her own request to you. Every person have his/her own specific problem. And if you sell at a webinar, for example, an audit – you will not get anything good. You will hook only the audience that needs an audit. The rest of the potential customers will flow past you like water through your fingers. 

In order to sell a service, you need to clearly define what the pain of a particular client is – his/her inner emptiness. And match the filling of the emptiness with your “product”. But if there is no docking with the pain of the customer, the sale will not happen.

Therefore, a sales department is needed to identify the emptinesses. And as you noticed, there is no automation here. Therefore, a webinar is some other component in sales.

How to make the sales funnel work? [3 components]

1. You need to show that you have something to teach or you have the abilities, capabilities, resources to solve their problems.

2. It is necessary to create a funnel that people have not yet fallen into – for them it should be a new way. If you gather people for a classic webinar, 10-20% of the audience will come to you, because they know what will happen next and that your main goal is to sell to them.

3. Sales department. These should be people who are able to identify a person’s need and adjust your product to them. I.e., your product closes the identification of the need.  

Automation is a constant search of two or three people out of a thousand who are ready to pay when the points coincide. But this is unprofitable in conditions when traffic is getting more expensive.

You also need to take into account that your customers are strictly limited in amount. Even considering the fact that customers are created, not found. You can’t create more people than there are. Therefore, with each new launch, there will be fewer and fewer people to whom you can sell. And even fewer of those who will be able to buy automatically (or rather, they will be mostly extinct)

If not an automatic funnel, then what?

Individual work with people.

But even a cool sales department couldn’t sell if the power component is not developed – something that will attract customers to you like a magnet. That is, there will be no one to sell if no one knocks on your door.

In the end

Automatic sales funnel is a kind of tool that needs to be developed almost individually for everyone. But the more people implement this tool, the less effective it becomes. The automatic funnel will never work well, efficiently and to the maximum.

You always need to turn on your head and not copy models that another has created. 

It is important that the person who gets into the funnel does not suspect that the sale will go on. When people go to a webinar, they already understand that there will be a sale.

To sell, you need to find a unique solution and there is no automation here.

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