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How can a Ukrainian cosmetics brand enter the Spanish market and recoup its investment in advertising 7 times




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For Ukrainian businesses to continue to get results in the current conditions, new solutions are needed.

For our client, the Ukrainian cosmetics brand RoBeauty, such a solution was to enter the Spanish market with its products. They asked us to create ads, launch them and test the demand in the new market.

The first launch failed, but after the restart, the client received a sevenfold return on traffic and plans to continue working with the Spanish market in cooperation with us.

In this article, we will consider, what was done to obtain this result.

What was done

Ads have been prepared

Our team wrote texts and made banners for the test launch of the product that was best sold in Ukraine before the outbreak of hostilities – shimmer body oil with shining particles

This is what some of the banners looked like:

The target audience was selected

For advertising to work as efficiently as possible, we have selected an audience that could be interested in it.

For this product, we chose as the target audience women from 18 to 50 years old who are interested in cosmetics and self-care.

Launching of ads and adjustments

We launched ads on small budgets with static banners, but they did not work: there were no applications and purchases from them.

To get the result, our team slightly changed the audience settings, making them more precise. In addition, we applied the approach that worked for this client for the Ukrainian audience – we created additional videos for the feed and stories on Instagram.

The next restart brought the result – we received purchases from a video in the stories format.

That’s what this video looked like:


As a result, after the restart, we received a sevenfold return on investment in traffic:



Now the client plans to increase budgets and continue working with Spain


Entering new markets, it is necessary to do test launches on small budgets in order to understand the demand and the chances of a business for a good result.


First of all, launch in new markets what has already worked before – there is a high probability that it will work here.


If there are no necessary results, try to make adjustments in all components of the advertising campaign: ads, audience settings, choose a different placement

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